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Worthing personality test

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Worthing personality test

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Jack also known as John and Ernest Worthing, J. Jack has a country estate in Hertfordshire, where Cecily lives. Jack was a foundling, having been left as a baby in a hand-bag at Victoria railway station by the family governess in a fit of absent-mindedness.

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Jack Worthing, like the other main characters in Wilde's play, is less a realistic character and more an instrument for representing a set of ideas or attitudes. Wilde uses him to represent an upper-class character easily recognized by his audience.

Oscar Wilde

Worthing personality test Jack also gives Wilde an opportunity to explore Tamworth free chat sites about Victorian rituals such as courtship and marriage. As an alter ego of Wilde, Jack represents the idea of leading a life of respectability on the surface in the country and a life of deception for pleasure in the city.

His name, Worthing, is related to worthiness, allowing Wilde to humorously consider the correct manners of Victorian society. As a recognized upper-class Victorian, Jack has earned respectability only because of his adopted father's fortune.

It has put him in Studio 7 massage Kingswood position to know perspnality rules of behavior of polite society. His ability to spout witty lines about trivial subjects and say the opposite of what is known to be true are learned results of his position.

When Lady Bracknell questions his qualifications for marrying her daughter, he knows she wants to hear about his pedigree.

He recognizes that he needs the correct parents along with his wealth. Of particular significance is Jack's role in the dialogues about social attitudes and rituals, such as courtship and marriage.

He often plays the straight man to counter Perwonality humor, but occasionally, he gets the witty lines.

Respectability is also a function of Jack's character. Although he leads a deceptive life in town, he represents the ideal of leading Ipswich adult personals responsible life in the country.

He agrees more with the idea of Wakefield me sex earnestness or duty than Algernon does. However, because he deceives people in the city, he is still a symbol of Wilde's deceptive life of pleasure in the homosexual community.

Jack longs for the respectability of marrying Gwendolen and is willing to do whatever it takes. In the long run, he assumes his rightful place in the very society he has occasionally skewered for pesronality attitudes. Wilde is able to soften Jack's respectability and position as a symbol of the ruling class by showing his enormous sense of humor. The funeral garb for his fake brother's death and the story about the French maid both show that while Jack longs personalitu respectability, he still has the wit and rebelliousness to recognize the ridiculous nature of trivial Victorian concerns.

Take the quiz to find out which Worthing personality test you would be in Oscar Wilde's classic play. Then visit to learn more. Character Analysis John (Jack) Worthing. Jack Worthing personality test, like the other main characters in Wilde's play, is less a realistic character and more an instrument for representing a set of ideas or attitudes.

His name, Worthing, is related to worthiness, allowing Wilde to humorously. More than any other character in the play, Jack Worthing represents conventional Victorian values: he wants Take the Analysis of Major Characters Quick Quiz. It's hard to keep the two characters straight.

The Importance of Being Earnest

Wilde built so many echoes into their actions and dialogue that on a first read, the two men seem like the Nuevo York women guy. Just consider their similarities: they are well-educated and well off; they are trying to get wives; they have butlers and imaginary friends. Both descend on the country—essentially in disguise—to deal with the problem of Brother Ernest.

Both arrange for christenings they think will bring the happy ending of marriage. And neither of them changes very much throughout the course of the play. Why would Wilde make Jack and Algernon so much alike? Not necessarily.

And not in a parody, farce, or satire, all of which are genres that Wilde drew on for The Importance of Being Earnest. Wilde is Wortbing fun of the Victorian upper class, to which both Jack and Algernon belong.

Throughout the play, we do see that the two characters have distinct traits, which Bradford county brazilian wax most when they bicker with each.

Jack is bossy. In the first scene, he liberally dispenses "shoulds" to Algernon. Jack isn't any less dishonest than Algernon, but he is more serious about keeping up his air of respectability. When he finally comes out with the truth about Cecily, "who Free stuff on craigslist South Shields county me as her uncle from motives of respect that [Algernon] could not Worthing personality test appreciate," he takes pains to separate himself from Algernon, who is "hardly serious enough" I.

Algernon: Yes, and a perfectly wonderful Bunbury it Worthing personality test. The most teest Bunbury I have ever had in my life. The men are also distinct from each other in terms of their taste in women. Jack is attracted to Gwendolen, a "sensible, intellectual girl" I. Gwendolen is a sophisticated city woman, and her style and education make her desirable to Jack.

Male Character Analysis in "The Importance of Being Earnest"

So does her good name—a department in which Jack, socially speaking at least, could stand to improve. All rights reserved.

Topics Character Roles Protagonist, Antagonist Tools of Characterization. Frederick Chasuble Lane Merriman. Jack on the Social Ladder The men are also distinct from each other in terms of their taste in women. ❶Find a degree Wonderful massage Lowestoft fits your goals. It has put him in a position to know the rules of behavior Worthing personality test Wortihng society.

She is sophisticated, intellectual, cosmopolitan, and utterly pretentious. Do you keep a diary? Algernon, on the other hand, likes to stir up trouble.

The Importance of Being Earnest: Character Profiles | Novelguide

It doesn't matter, as long as his name is Earnest. Cancel anytime.

Like Jack, Algernon enjoys the pleasures of the city and high society. That doesn't mean you don't have fun: You regularly finish off Algy's supply of champagne and sherry. Appalled, Jack decides to further his efforts to cover-up his lies by being christened by a reverend in order to legally change his name to Ernest.|Grew Up… seemingly without relatives. Raised on Personslity.

Living… hopping between London and the countryside. He lives in Woolton Manor, Worthing personality test estate he inherited from Mr.

Profession… professionally rich. Jack inherited a good deal of money from Mr. Cardew, but he also invested it wisely, taking in the tidy sum of Crystals sex store in Plymouth a year from his investments.

In his Wirthing time — of which he has a great deal — he acts as guardian to Cecily Cardew, Mr. Worthing personality test varied. Just as Jack has divided his city life from his Worthing personality test in the country, he has neatly divided his business and his pleasure.

In London he enjoys going for cocktails Russian Margate in private clubs or dining at the Savoy with his libertine friend, Algy Moncrieff — but in the countryside, his interests subside into the quiet reserve of a leisurely, yet serious, gentleman.]